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Sprint Send goes beyond the old style of getting leads through telemarketing. With over 12 years of experience in the business our strategic ways of getting leads and appointments has gone through from cold-calling to now we call – Multi-Touch, Multi-Channel Marketing Services.

Our goal is to provide leaders with a smarter, advanced and more effective way to market their business. To provide trust, security, accountability, and benefit to all their clients.

Sought by various companies, large & small, across the globe, we provide new business relationships that facilitate business growth at the most systematic and multi-channel ways from voice, email, online, social, mobile and chat services. We do not only offer call center services to reduce time spent on non-core activities, but also to help satisfy and even exceed sales & marketing goals.

Our services include lead generation, appointment setting and digital marketing marketing. We also provide database and data profiling services. These services intend to boost your sales and trim down your cost-per-sales in general. We particularly enhance our expertise to offer your company qualified leads from businesses that shows interest.

We enable firms in the industry to capture their target market more effectively and efficiently by delivering the most profiled and updated contacts up to their CRM pipeline, helping them achieve growth by generating qualified leads and setting high-probability professional services sales appointments.

Our aim is to provide the most appropriate automated solutions to your business by carefully reviewing your company’s goals as well as foreseen obstacles before putting our sales and marketing efforts to work. We help companies scale up, drive operational efficiency, and increase work productivity. Sprint Send assures to turn fixed costs into flexible costs, and bring more accountability for every work done and access to skilled workforce.



With our long years of experience and expertise in the business, lead generation and appointment setting has been in our forte and core guarantee to boost your campaign with actual results in the shortest time possible.


If you feel that your business deserves only fresh information, we have the resources to profile all those untested contacts and package them into a list for you to use in future marketing campaigns.


We go beyond creative thinking and design. We bring in strategic experience, insights into consumer behavior and best practices for each channel to build assets that not only meet your brand guidelines, but are also effective.

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Sprint Send Advantage


Sprint Send builds you the right database according to your target market, area, specification and requirements. Data are gathered in a multi-touch way via phone, email, online and chat to keep the list fresh, updated and correct.


Sprint Send reach prospects through multiple channels and different ways. We start off with phone calling. Prospects are cold-called and the team starts to introduce your business products and services to potential prospects.


Sprint Send nurture leads and multiple touch-points, until thoughts and ideas are sales-ready. Each appointment and leads passed over to your sales team are being contacted simultaneously from voice, email, online, social, mobile and chat to keep you updated of the last conversation agreed upon between you and your potential client.


Sprint Send power your campaigns where you mange your leads. Our client gets to see behavioral schemes, actions and last updated made by the campaign holder on each and every leads set on the CRM Pipeline. This way, appointments made are well-run and accurate on our client’s part every time they logged in and checked on their sales-pipeline.


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