Lead Generation and Appointment Services

    With our long years of experience and expertise in the business, lead generation and appointment setting has been in our forte and core guarantee to boost your campaign with actual results in the shortest time possible. We are meant to provide all industries from small to large business with a top-notch reliable sales and marketing support. We deliver leads and appointments through all avenues available via phone, email marketing, online and social media services with a mobile and chat integration. All of our clients are assured to receive the deliverables based on their campaign specifications, requirements and qualifications.

Every campaign is run by a team composed of an Account Manager, Team Leader, Quality Analyst, Agent, Email Marketer and Researcher to make sure that each contacts logged on to your CRM Pipeline passed all the qualifications to guarantee a close ratio of 70%-80% in sales. With Sprint Send, this group of professional people will bring you closer to your business growth and ROI before the year ends.

If you choose Sprint Send, we professionally provide businesses with unfailing result that’s hard to replicate with an onshore workforce. We’ll help you increase your revenue and close business deals in short period of time. We’ll also assist you and provide you with all the support needed for the marketing strategies that you choose to apply in your business.